Hobby Lobby Fights For Freedom

Published May 13th in Uncategorized

Our long struggle against the tyrant Barack Obama has a new battle being waged by the brave Christian owners of Hobby Lobby stores. The Green family (an unfortunate surname for conservatives) is asking a Federal Appeals Court to agree that the Obamacare requirement that companies provide health insurance which includes birth control is unconstitutional because business owners have a constitutional right to impose their religious beliefs on their employees.

And we here at RC couldn’t agree more! The Constitution demands that business owners be able to use their businesses as religious wedges! What else could “free exercise¬†of religion” mean, other than “my employees must exercise my religion”?

That is why we here at RC join the Greens in their noble fight, and we ask them to petition the court also for one other special favor:

The Greens and RC are warriors for the Christian faith, demanding that our free exercise of religion be recognized by having everyone else in the country (or, our employees, anyway) also exercise our religion. Good for us! Wow, we are good people, we feed really good about ourselves, although we do need some help finding anything in the Bible about zygotes attaching to a uterus. Maybe Hobby Lobby can help us out with that.

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